Friday, August 14, 2009

Singapore Sluts

Have you ever being very devoted to your girl and yet she dump you for another guy?
Isn't this supposed to be more familiar for a guy to a girl instead. Most of us would think that all the guys are jerks, they just flirt around, whack here and there and that's it. Ditch the girl, make her cry the hell of out herself and worst, commit suicide. Now wait, are you very sure that girls don't do the same thing to guys? Go spend some time, read the seems that more and more guys dump off the building because their girl dump them for another. We may not know the reason why these girls do that to a guy they once love. But this is certainly not right!! Of course, I do agree that there are some underlying reasons which a girl would leave a guy, for example, violent, taking drugs, excessive gambling, irresponsible, minimal sense of security. But certainly, these reasons don't constitute or rather give the girl an excuse to go for another guy. Yes sure, for me, I think that it is totally reasonable if she leaves the guy because they are hard to live with but I just won't be convinced if they found new love and dump the old one.

Just my personal experience many years ago, I was so devoted to my ex-wife that I even do all the chores, iron her clothes, wash her panty (i put down my ego as a man) wtf, she's my wife and that's what i thought. Despite working late, I need to buy her dinner everyday. Never did she cook once for me. You guys can have a great laugh at me for being blind marrying her but hey love is blind isn't it? Sorry, i'm taking back my words, i'm laughing at myself too. Ok let's proceed with the story, one day, she celebrated my birthday (a surprise one somemore), we were happy chatting and I really enjoyed what she done for me. Two days later, she asked for a separation. She has already packed all her things, waiting for me to come home from work, break her decision to me and then leave the house. I was too shocked to give her a chase...I saw her go helplessly. After recovering from the shock of my life, I immediately rush to her parents' house, couldn't find her there, I rushed to her sister's place neither i could get a sight of her. Obviously, where can she go? Things started running wild in my mind, I keep telling myself she must be putting up at a lady friend's place and hope that she would change her mind and come back. But of course, all these were my wishful thinking. All these are happening just too fast for me to react, I was at a total lost. I became very emotional, for the next few days, I took sleeping pills in order to sleep. Sleeping pills with beer and yet it doesn't even show a sign of sleepyness...I'm a superman who was awake for a consecutive 3 solid days. Ok, that's all for today. I will continue my story when I come back.

The motive of this blog is to call out to those bros out there who have the same experience. Just send me these sluts' photos. I will make sure I post them nicely here so everyone can have a good look at their slutish face.



  1. So far, you just sound like a dude that was head over heels in Love with some chick to me...

    And then?

  2. So far, you just sound like a dude that was head over heels in Love with some chick to me...

    And then?