Monday, September 14, 2009


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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Singapore Sluts (story part 2)

Hey guys, hope you had a great weekend!
Ok let's come back to the story again, hope you guys don't feel bored with the long winded story.

Well, i was mentioning on the stress that I had gone through but I strongly believed that time will heal. Indeed, you guys out there, just trust me. Don't try to do stupid things like hurting yourself or commit suicide, do you think it is worth to do it for someone who don't love you anymore? If you die, she may be guilty for a while and then? Life still goes on, she'll soon forget that you died for her. And you? That's the end of you, people will forget about you soon.

Time heals, i can assure you that!! In fact, I did better in life now without her, maybe she's a jinx lol. I have my own middle range car, I can afford a BMW but hey I just need it for transport, no need to be luxury. Why pay more for the maintainance + fuel? I have my own 5-room flat (i'm 35yo already) fully renovated. I'm doing well in my career, a middle management in a bank. Except for the house which I bought it alone with an outstanding loan of 90K paying through CPF, I have a positive asset value. I owe this all to her, if she didn't leave me, I wouldn't have strive so hard to reach a higher goal in life. I wouldn't have more time to enhance my knowledge and going for further studies. All thanks to her haha.

Ok, let's rewind back a bit. After much negotiation, we agreed to go on a separation. She mentioned to me that if I agree to a separation, there is still a chance for us to be together again. She wanted me to pay for the separation deed and I did so. I sometime wonder whether is it because of money that she marries me. Anyway, did I mentioned that she initiated the marriage? Yes she did and she initiated the separation too....puzzles me.

So, we arranged with the lawyer and proceed down to get our separation deed signed. When we were there, we sitted right opposite each other. I overheard her saying that she will be going over to someone's house after signing the papers and she'll do the cooking today. The way she giggles and speaks, it sounded like she's talking to a love one. I guess that's her boyfriend (3rd party) who I believed had caused our marriage to fail. I was thinking to myself, am I really not worth for her to cook for me at all cos she had never ever cook anything for me...not even intsant noodles but now she's cooking for someone.

At one point of time, her eyes were very red, she told me that it was due to infection caused by her contact lenses. When our names are called, we went into the room, the laywer kept looking at her, he probably thought that she's crying. You know what happened next? He asked her if she wanted a higher alimony from me, mind you, he's my lawyer. You can imagine how I feel at that point of time.

It doesn't just stop here, after three years, she asked if I wanted to go for a divorce. I agreed to the request, anyway, I had already lost all my feeling for her and I just wanted to totally break off the bond and carry on my new life. Guess what? Actually no need to guess, you guys should know....she found a lawyer but she ask me to pay. She must be thinking that I'm an idiot. Well, don't you think this is logical? I accidentally found her blog, I knew at that time that she was getting married. I told her that I'm in no hurry to divorce and if she's in the hurry, she can go ahead and pay for it not me. Anyway, I consulted her lawyer, the lawyer mentioned that even if I pay, she will still be the petitioner and I'm the respondent. WTF, I pay for a lawyer to act against me?

She did not let the matter rest, she called me in the middle of the night threatening me that she will increase the alimony and all other stuff. I'm almost sleepless with her nuisance calls. I decided to give in but on one condition. I told her that if I'm to pay for the lawyer fee, she must not get any alimony from me. She agreed almost instantly probably she knows that she won't be able to get anymore alimony from me if she's going to remarry.

It is a great relief after years of torture and finally, breaking free from all the stress and leading a new life afresh.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Singapore Sluts (Story continues...)

Hey guys, i'm back! I had a wonderful weekend and hope you guys enjoyed too.
Last week, I was mentioning that I could keep myself awake for a solid 3 days. I was hopeful that she will just come back to me but in the end, these are just my wishful thoughts. Oh yes, she did came back, but to pack more of her things haha. I was frantically searching for her for the past days and was too delighted to see her coming back but she simply said that she's just packing some of her remaining stuff and she'll leave at once WTF. I caught hold of the opportunity and asked her if she could give me a moment to speak. I probe her for the reasons of her decision. I asked if I have done something wrong, she said no and agreed that I treated her well but I have little time for her. WTF, I worked overtime everyday except during those days that I attend lessons. I usually reach home at 10plus (take note, I don't go drinking nor out with friends), I buy her dinner everyday (probably supper) ohterwise, I know she'll skip her dinner. Upon reaching home, I do chores like washing clothes, ironing clothes sweeping and cleaning the floor and she just happily sleep with me still busy doing those chores.

Ok, so i asked if there's a 3rd party. She denied straightaway, and I believed her. I asked her on what condition will she stay on. She asked if I will really agree to any condition and I said confidently YES. She said if she could bring back another guy to live, you know what, I said YES, just as long as she stay by my side. Go ahead and scold me guys, until now, whenever I think of this scene, i'm screwing myself. Can't imagine I said such thing, this is damn disgraceful. Anyway, she said that she's just testing me and that she will definitely not change her mind and come back to me. She mentioned that she will not take anything from me and we should be happily separated.

Tell u guys, you never be able to know what's inside the mind of a woman. She can tell you this at this moment and decides another the very next moment. At that point, I was giving up on hopes, although depressed and almost wanted to do something silly, I thought of my parents. They gave birth to me and I shouldn't be ending my life just for someone who doesn't love me. I kept myself busy by going clubbing, flirt around and find activities that could keep my mind busy. But that's not the end of the stories, the most stressful moment is yet to come....

All along, I thought that my mother in law is a very reasonable person, I spoke to her and she assure me that she will speak to her daughter. She reprimanded her in front of me but things turned very sour when she knows that money is involved. She heard that her daughter is not getting any money from me and she knows that we shared a joint bank account. She begin brainwashing her daughter to get half of the deposit from me. Mind you, 90% of those money were contributed by me (one lesson learnt, do not open a joint account with your wife, you'll never know when things will turn nasty, real nasty). I placed all my bonuses, my retrenchment benefits and all my saving in this account and she now demanded for half of the money. Ok, I thought that since we are husband and wife, I am legally bounded. I agree to give her half the money in our joint account. Base on that situation, I was thinking that we should also sell our car as I'm already jobless, I may not be able to go on paying the installment. I suggest to her that we should settle the outstanding amount for the car before splitting and you know what's her reply? THAT CAR IS IN YOUR NAME NOT MINE! Yes, it was registered under my name because I don't want her to bear any responsibility. Initially, she wanted a car as she was in the sales line. In fact, she utilises 90% of that car. She insisted that she will not settle it and that I should settle it myself and that's my problem. Her mum called me and threatens me to sell off the car (gaurantor is my ex-wife's god sister), If I don't do it, she'll handle me...I didn't now she's a triad haha. To appease things and settle it once and for all, I paid up everything....most of my hard earned savings were gone but at least i'm less stressed. Ok, more coming up...need to stop now.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Singapore Sluts

Have you ever being very devoted to your girl and yet she dump you for another guy?
Isn't this supposed to be more familiar for a guy to a girl instead. Most of us would think that all the guys are jerks, they just flirt around, whack here and there and that's it. Ditch the girl, make her cry the hell of out herself and worst, commit suicide. Now wait, are you very sure that girls don't do the same thing to guys? Go spend some time, read the seems that more and more guys dump off the building because their girl dump them for another. We may not know the reason why these girls do that to a guy they once love. But this is certainly not right!! Of course, I do agree that there are some underlying reasons which a girl would leave a guy, for example, violent, taking drugs, excessive gambling, irresponsible, minimal sense of security. But certainly, these reasons don't constitute or rather give the girl an excuse to go for another guy. Yes sure, for me, I think that it is totally reasonable if she leaves the guy because they are hard to live with but I just won't be convinced if they found new love and dump the old one.

Just my personal experience many years ago, I was so devoted to my ex-wife that I even do all the chores, iron her clothes, wash her panty (i put down my ego as a man) wtf, she's my wife and that's what i thought. Despite working late, I need to buy her dinner everyday. Never did she cook once for me. You guys can have a great laugh at me for being blind marrying her but hey love is blind isn't it? Sorry, i'm taking back my words, i'm laughing at myself too. Ok let's proceed with the story, one day, she celebrated my birthday (a surprise one somemore), we were happy chatting and I really enjoyed what she done for me. Two days later, she asked for a separation. She has already packed all her things, waiting for me to come home from work, break her decision to me and then leave the house. I was too shocked to give her a chase...I saw her go helplessly. After recovering from the shock of my life, I immediately rush to her parents' house, couldn't find her there, I rushed to her sister's place neither i could get a sight of her. Obviously, where can she go? Things started running wild in my mind, I keep telling myself she must be putting up at a lady friend's place and hope that she would change her mind and come back. But of course, all these were my wishful thinking. All these are happening just too fast for me to react, I was at a total lost. I became very emotional, for the next few days, I took sleeping pills in order to sleep. Sleeping pills with beer and yet it doesn't even show a sign of sleepyness...I'm a superman who was awake for a consecutive 3 solid days. Ok, that's all for today. I will continue my story when I come back.

The motive of this blog is to call out to those bros out there who have the same experience. Just send me these sluts' photos. I will make sure I post them nicely here so everyone can have a good look at their slutish face.